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Why are explosion-proof electronic scales widely used?

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Weighing instruments weighing indicator such as electronic scales are very important in industrial production. In order to meet the requirements of various environments for weighing, different types of electronic scales have been developed and produced. Nowadays, explosion-proof electronic scales are more and more widely used. What is it for?

The principle of explosion protection is to use isolation, pressure reduction, current limiting, sealing and optical fiber communication technology to eliminate possible explosive sources in the system, such as electrical short-circuit sparks, electrostatic friction sparks, high-temperature energy concentration, etc., so as to eliminate or isolate the links, so as to achieve the scale. The purpose of use in an environment with a risk of explosion. This product is an intrinsically safe electrical equipment, suitable for weighing and measuring explosive substances and hazardous locations. The entire equipment (including weighing platforms, sensors, and weighing instruments weighing indicator) can be placed in explosive hazardous areas. 

Explosion-proof electronic weighing scale:

1:The low power consumption design of the explosion-proof electronic scale adopts LCD display, high-impedance load cell, built-in explosion-proof battery box, DC power supply, 4 ordinary No. 1 dry batteries can be used for 200 hours (high-performance alkaline batteries can be used for 500 hours).

2:Weighing status display, function self-checking zero position, tare, stable, low battery and scale function stop status indication; automatic function detection, and the abnormal conditions checked out are displayed, prompting the user to use normally, which is convenient for troubleshooting .

3:The electronic weighing scale has rich functions and simple operation. 9 kinds of user parameters, 11 clocks of system parameters and 48 clocks of internal parameter settings, with rich functions and a wide range of applications; keyboard calibration, simple and convenient operation.

4:Electronic scale stainless steel shell, fully sealed design, with dustproof, waterproof and explosion-proof functions; electronic platform scales below 150kg adopt stainless steel housing, with novel and beautiful appearance.

In summary, the performance of the explosion-proof electronic scale is still very superior, from this point of view, it is not unreasonable that it is widely used.


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