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Why can't portable platform scale be printed?

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Mobile platform scale, no printing or unclear printing

Failure analysis:

1. The ribbon is severely worn.

2. The ink ribbon is low.

3. The ribbon is not in its original position.

4. The input of the vehicle shaft type is incorrect.

5. No printing paper.


1. Change the ribbon.

2. Remove the ribbon clamp, drip blue ink on the ribbon, rotate the ribbon shaft to make the ink evenly, and then press the ribbon clamp.

3. Reinstall the ribbon correctly.

4. Re-enter the correct shaft type.

5. Change the printing paper. Open the top cover of the printer, press the red button, and the printer starts to run. Align the end of the printing paper with the paper end of the printer, and the printer will automatically complete the installation. (For the detailed method, please refer to the printer manual)


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