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Working principle of spoke sensor

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The coil assembly of the spoke type load cell is fixed with the housing, and the permanent magnet is supported by a soft spring. The damping of both are electromagnetic damping caused by the relative motion of metal skeleton and magnetic field. The working principles of the moving coil type and the moving iron type are identical. When the shell vibrates with the measured vibrating body, because the spring is soft, the mass of the moving parts is relatively large, so the vibration frequency is high enough (much higher than the natural frequency of the sensor), the inertia of the moving parts is large, and it is too late to vibrate with the vibrating body, which is nearly static, and the vibration energy is almost completely absorbed by the spring, The relative motion speed between the permanent magnet and the coil is close to the vibration speed of the vibrating body. The relative movement between the coil and the magnet makes the coil cut the magnetic line of force. The spoke load cell generates an induced electromotive force proportional to the movement speed. The number of turns of the coil in the working air gap magnetic field is called the working turns; Magnetic induction intensity in working air gap; Average length of coil per turn.


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