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how to use loadcell

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Determine the time gap of the next measurement according to the place of use, occasion, environment and other conditions. For each sensor
The empty scale output (or standard weight output), no-load output for tracking measurement.
(1) Use the production gap to regularly measure the empty scale output and no-load output of each sensor of the scale.
The conditions can measure the standard weight output of each sensor under the same standard weight. Make a record and compare it with the original record.
(2) When the sensor's empty scale output (or standard weight output) and no-load output change greatly, the tracking time gap should be
Shorten, the tracking density should be increased; when the output is stable for a long time, the tracking gap can be appropriately extended.
(3) The same load is compared by itself at different points (sections) of the scale, and the tolerance is exceeded, and the empty scale of each sensor is measured
Output, no-load output, make a record, and compare with the original record.
This method is commonly used under fast-paced weighing conditions to understand the operating status of the scale.
(4) When the sensor's "sub-healthy" phenomenon appears, it is necessary to increase the output of the empty scale tracking each sensor (or
Standard weight output) The measured density of no-load output, make a record, and compare it with the original record.
(5) For digital sensors, use the same method to enter the empty scale internal code value, empty internal code value, and standard weight internal code value.
Conduct monitoring and tracking, and make good records.


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