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stainless steel weights for strength testing

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Stainless steel weights for strength testing
The strength test checks the program's resistance to abnormal conditions; it checks whether the performance degradation of the system is within the allowable range when the system is operating under extreme conditions.

Strength test:
Stress testing always forces the system to operate under abnormal resource allocation. For example, ①When the normal frequency of interruption is one to two per second, run a test case that generates ten interrupts per second; ②Quantitatively increase the data input rate and check the response ability of the input sub-function; ③The operation requires the maximum storage space ( Or other resources) test cases; ④Run test cases that may cause the virtual storage operating system to crash or disk data violently jitter, etc.

Strength test stainless steel weight meaning:
The strength test is a particularly important test, which is of great significance to the stability of the system and the future expansion of the system. In the test under such abnormal conditions, it is easier to find whether the system is stable and whether the performance is easy to expand.
Fatigue strength test is a special type of strength test, which mainly tests the performance of the system after long-term operation, such as a 7x24-hour stress test.


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