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what is fussy sensor-Saintbond loadcell

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the fuzzy sensor, which has developed extremely rapidly in the past 10 years, is also a new type of non-integrated cantilever beam load cell.
Fuzzy sensors are based on classical numerical measurement, through fuzzy reasoning and intelligent synthesis, and output the measurement results in the form of simulating the description of human natural language symbols. Obviously, the core part of the fuzzy cantilever load cell is to simulate the generation and processing of human natural language symbols.
The "intelligence" of the fuzzy cantilever load cell is that it can simulate the entire process of human perception. Load cell It not only has the general advantages and functions of the cantilever beam load cell, but also has the ability to learn and reason, has the ability to adapt to changes in the measurement environment, and can learn and reason according to the requirements of the measurement task. In addition, the fuzzy sensor also has the ability to exchange information with the superior system, as well as the ability to self-manage and adjust. In layman's terms, the function of the fuzzy sensor should be equal to or even better than that of an experienced measurement worker.
The simple structure and function of the cantilever beam load cell. Among them, the classical numerical measurement unit not only extracts the sensor signal, but also performs numerical preprocessing on it, such as filtering and restoring the signal. The symbol generation and processing unit is the core part of the cantilever load cell. It uses the existing knowledge or experience (usually stored in the knowledge base) to further process the recovered sensor signal to obtain a simulation of human nature that conforms to the objective object. Descriptive information of language symbols. The realization method of the load cell is to use the


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