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China Manufacture Wireless Transmitter Communication Receiver W300 GPRS Module


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  • W300 GPRS Module

  • GOLDSHINE W300 GPRS Module

  • Zhejiang, China

  • W300 GPRS Module

  • Plastic

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  • 1pcs Per type

  • 10~15 DAYS

  • OEM & ODM Manufacture

China manufacture wireless transmitter communication receiver W300 GPRS module



Technical Specifications


GSM / GPRS Communication Parameters:

Standard: GSM / GPRS

Band Selection: Quad band 850/900MHz and 1800/1900MHz, globally available

GPRS Multi-slot Class: Class 10

GPRS Terminal Device Class: Class B

GPRS Coding Schemes: CS1 to CS4

Serial Type:

RS-232 or RS-485

Serial Communication Parameters:

Baud :1200-115200

Data bits: 8, 9 (when the parity bit = None, not supported)

Stop Bits: 1 (when the parity bit = None, not supported)


Serial Port Pin Definition:

RS-232: TxD, RxD, GND

RS-485: A, B


Multiple Connectivity Options

Supports GSM, GPRS and APN

Variety Of Transmission Modes

Transparent data transmission

Registration packets and heartbeat packet contains the module ID, supports customer-defined registration packet and heartbeat packet data.

Support Asia-controlled configuration king, three-dimensional power control, and other mainstream Jie control configuration software

Support SMS transmission, support for end-to-end data transmission

Multi-Protocol Support

Supports TCP, UDP

Data Center Support

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) and a fixed IP address to access

Serial Communication Parameters

1200-115200 baud rate can be set, parity can be set

Flexible Online Mode

Support permanent online. Heartbeat interval can be set

Support SMS command control offline

SMS Transmission Function

DTU can receive commands sent from the specified mobile phone or transparent transmission of data with password verification function

DTU DTU serial external devices can send custom text messages in English, for data transmission or alarm

Center software can send text messages via DTU

Reliable Protection Mechanisms

Dropped auto reconnection function, when no GSM signal automatic restart function

SMS command to restart function, SMS reconfigure IP, domain name, port function

Ease Of Maintenance

Support local SMS remote configuration and software upgrades