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Forged Alloy Steel Wide Body Bow Shackle Heavy Flat Bow Shackle


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  • Alloy Steel,Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel, High strength steel, Alloy Steel,Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel, High strength steel


  • Bow-shape

  • Black powder coating,Galvanized,Polished

  • Zhejiang, China


  • G2160

  • heavy flat bow shackle

  • Direct selling, sales agency, distribution and network sales

  • Lifting Fittings

  • All over the world

  • Good quality

  • 3-15 Days

  • Yellow,sliver,red,green or others

  • 4 times,5 times,6 times and 8Times

Forged alloy steel wide body bow shackle heavy flat bow shackle



Product Description:

  • Working load limit: 55t ~1550t.

  • Materials of shackle body and pin are processed through quenching and tempering with high-quality alloy steel.

  • Proof testing load: twice    55t~300t

                         1.5 times 400t

                         1.33 times 500t~ 2000t

  • The minimum breaking load is 4 times of the rating working load.

  • Manufacturing method of the shackle body: die forging combined with free forging technique.

  • Both circular and hexagonal nuts are available.

  • Non-destructive flaw detection is employed for every single product to ensure there is no intensity defect.

  • Each shackle will be marked with working load.

            no need to use the thimble when the shackle was connected with high-strength lifting belt, wire rope sling and large                      radius’s domed roof. Wear-resisting property of the wire rope sling is improved obviously.

  • The shackle body and the pin are galvanized and then the pin paint in blue.