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KS0004 Digital Kitchen Scale Reviews Food Scale Grams And Ounces


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How to use: first place the electronic scale on the horizontal table, and press the (on / off) key to display "0.0", and then put the objects to be weighed on the scale pan. This scale is a high-precision product, so it must be placed on a stable and stable horizontal surface. Slight swing and vibration will affect the weighing results, but if the difference is not more than plus or minus several grams, it is within the normal range, Please feel free to use.

Product Introduction:

Range:5kg /1g;

Unit: g /kg/oz/lb;

Material: tempered glass;

Auto reset, auto shutdown, peeling, blue backlight, low battery and overweight display;

Product size: 22.8×15.8×2cm;

Packing size: 37.5x35x25cm;

Net weight:14kgs;

Gross weight:15.5kgs;

Packing quantity:24 pcs;


2×AAA battery; using high precision weighing sensor; ABS plastic parts, 4mm thick tempered glass size: (16 ×23cm); LCD display; with automatic zero, automatic shutdown function; with insufficient voltage and overweight prompt (g /oz/lb /kg);