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KS0015 Good Cook Precision Scale Foods Scale for Cooking Coffe & Baking


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Product Description:

Whether you use it for weighing ingredients or tracking meal portions – or both –a kitchen scale is an easy way to keep food measurements accurate and on track. While some kitchen pros are experienced enough to eyeball ingredient quantities fairly accurately, the majority of cooks turn out far better results using a kitchen scale.

There are a lot of kitchen scales on the market, however, so how do you know which one is best? That’s where we come in. At SAINTBOND, we work hard to provide honest, thorough product reviews and shopping guides that help readers find what they’re looking for.

If you’re ready to buy a kitchen scale, All are dependable kitchen scales that would serve you well. If you’d like to learn more about kitchen scales in general, read on. We’ll tell you what you need to know to choose and use this handy kitchen tool.

Technical Parameter:

Color: Green

Features: two pallets with capacity scale in the tray;

Range / minute scale: 5kg/1g;

Unit: gram pound ounces;

LCD visual size: 40×17mm;

Reset function automatically shut down overload prompt low voltage prompt;

Power supply:2×1.5V 7#battery;

Product size:170×130×30mm;

Box size:190×195×78mm;

Carton size:590×400×420mm;

Quantity / piece: 30 sets;

Gross weight:15kg;

Net weight:14.2kg;

Unit conversion: in normal weighing, press "unit" key to convert "gram (g) - ounces (oz) - pound (LB)", 1000g = 35oz = 2.2lb;

Peeling: when the container is used for load-bearing, put the container on the scale first, press the "power / T" key for a short time, and then load the articles for weighing when the weight window shows zero, so as to get the net weight value of the articles;



Product Composition: