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KS0016 Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale with Widescreen LCD Screen


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Product Introduction:

Ensure that the maximum weight of the weighing items does not exceed the online weighing value of the electronic scale, so as to prevent overload damage to the sensor.

Touch the key "unit" for the conversion of various weight units, which can be converted immediately with one touch.

Touch the key "on / tar" to start, shut down, reset to zero and peel.

In particular, when you need to operate "peeling" and "return to zero", as long as you gently touch the "on / are" button, you need to delay for 2 seconds before returning to zero. Please do not rush to touch the "on / are" button after touching the "on / are" button, because the more you touch it continuously, you will not be able to return to zero. If you want to turn it off, just put your finger on "on / are" for 3 seconds and it will turn off. If not manually shut down, some products will automatically shut down after some time.