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Load Cell Indicator Display Meter Digital Indicator Scoreboard


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2018 Load Cell indicator display meter digital Indicator scoreboard


Main Specification

1. Model: BSI Weighing indicator

2. Accuracy: Grade Ⅲ, n=3000

3. Sample Rate: 80 times / second

4. Load cell sensitivity:1.5~3mV/V  or 4~20mA(Optional)

5. Scale interval:1/2/5/10/20/50 for option

6. Display:6 bits LED,6 state indicating signals

7. Interface:4PIN load cell interface

8. Power supply: AC 187~242V;49~51Hz

9. Operating temperature/humidity: -10~50℃;≤90%RH

10. transporting temperature: -20~55℃

11. Remote Controller Distance: >5m


1" : 255×100mm      

3" : 540×180mm       word height:75mm

5" : 780×260mm       word height:125mm

8" : 1000×500mm     word height:200mm

Key functions

Press this button while open ,it will enter to calibrate mode;

Keep pressing this button for 5 seconds more in weighing mode, it will come into operator setting mode;

Tare function or Press this button to set number(0~9);

Zero function or Press this button to select number.

Connecting load cell to indicator

                       PIN1: E-   (Excitation-)

                      PIN2: S+   (Signal +)

                       PIN3: S-    (Signal -)

                      PIN4: E+    (Excitation+)