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Ultra High Brightness Weight Scale Remote Monitor Display/LED Digital Displays


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  • Zhejiang, China

  • Saintbond

  • RD01 LED Digital Displays

  • advitory service

  • advitory service



  • 1 ", 3", 5 ", 8"

  • Red

  • 7MM

  • LED Digital Displays

  • Plastic

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  • 1pcs Per type

Ultra high brightness weight scale remote monitor display/LED digital displays



Proname:1/3/5/8 (series Scoreboard)

Auxiliary display for weighing device by viewing weighing result from long distance. Auxiliary display for weighing system by connecting with computer with matching output foRDat. Weighing indicator should be equipped with corresponding communication interface to connect with scoreboard.

Standard function:

Long-distance observation weighing results, can be used as an auxiliary display weighing device.

Connected with the computer, as the auxiliary display system. (computer output format shall be complete, can be customized all matching protocol)

Dynamic scan latch Technology

Ultra high brightness digital block, the optical filter film special, wide scope

Screen size: 1 ", 3", 5 ", 8";

Display character: 6 LED

Power: AC 187 ~ 242V 49 ~ 51Hz;

The communication interface: RS232 / current loop;

Use environment temperature: 0 ~ 40 ;

The use of environmental humidity: ≤ 85%RH;


1" : 255×100mm      

3" : 540×180mm       word height:75mm

5" : 780×260mm       word height:125mm

8" : 1000×500mm     word height:200mm

Technical parameter:

Connection to PC function

(Output foRDat of PC should be offered by customer)

Connection to other indicator function

(Corresponding manual for indicator or sample should be offered)