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0.5t-1250t S6 Safety Alloy Steel Wireless Load Cell Point Load Shackle


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  • Zhejiang, China

  • SAINTBOND Point load shackle

  • LS03IS Point load shackle

  • 18650 rechargeable batteries or polymer batteries


  • Point load shackle

  • 500~800m (In Open Area)

  • 470mhz

  • Min.15m

  • ≥40 hours

  • 2 Pcs

  • Welcome

  • OEM & ODM Manufacture

  • 45 -50DAYS

  • 15 years experience on Load Cell

0.5t-1250t S6 safety alloy steel wireless load cell point load shackle



Wireless Load Links Typical Specifications:

Rate Load:


Overload Indication:

100% F.S. + 9e  

Proof Load:

150% of rate load

Max. Safety Load:

125% F.S.  

Ultimate Load:

400% F.S.  

Battery Life:

≥40 hours  

Power On Zero Range:

20% F.S.  

Operating Temp.:

- 10 ~ + 40  

Manual Zero Range:

4% F.S.  

Operating Humidity:

≤85% RH under 20  

Tare Range:

20% F.S.  

Remote Controller Distance:


Stable Time:


Telemetry Frequency:


System Range:

500~800m (In Open Area)

Battery Type:

18650 rechargeable batteries or polymer batteries (7.4v 2000 Mah)


The shackle S6 grade:0.5t-1250t.

•S6 grade is structural alloy steel.

•The maximum testing load of 0.5t-150t shackle is 2 times of the working load,

the maximum testing load 200t of 500t shackle is 1.5 times of the working load.

•The maximum testing load of 800t-12500t shackle is 1.33 times of the working load, the minimum breaking load is 1.5 times of the working load.

•Monitors traction force and other force measurement

•Available in 7 standard ranges between 0.5t-1250t

Alloy steel and Stainless steel construction

•Special execution for harsh environmental conditions (IP66)

•High reliability for strict safety requirements

•Simple installation for cost-saving solutions to measurement problems.