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Picture Hooks Double Crane Hook Weight 30 Ton for Heavy Duty Crane Scale


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  • Zhejiang, China
  • Alloy Steel,Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel,Carbon Steel
  • crane hook
  • 1 Pcs
  • EH01-2
  • Good quality
  • Safety latch
  • 3-15 Days
  • Color-painted
  • Lifting Fittings
  • U.S. Fed.Spec.RR-C-271
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304 stainless steel is hard material without burr,it can be used in outdoor and rainwater without rust and solid structure.

Products Details

*The hook body is manufactured with high-quality alloy Steel by die forging.

*Proof load is twice of the Working Load Limit Minimum Ultimate Load is 4 time of the Working Load Limit nbsp.

*Heat treatment.

*There are signs such as working load limit and product grade on the link.

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